Universal Home


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Mission Statement

Together for a good tomorrow.

UNIVERSAL HOME is a registered trademark of german premium manufacturers and internationally recognized service providers, coupled with strategic research partners as well as the World Heritage Site Zollverein in Essen.

UNIVERSAL HOME combines the knowledge of his partner in a future system in and around the home and provides user-friendly, inspiring and valuable solutions for people in different life situations. Therefore UNIVERSAL HOME takes developments in five topic areas into account: social environment, intelligent, integrated solutions für the home , ressource cycles, flexibility and mobility as well as economics.

UNIVERSAL HOME system sets new standards in the world of living. We provide comprehensive requirements for market access, distribution, installation and service of these integrated products. Under the theme "Living in the Future", UNIVERSAL HOME's goal is to build a platform and network for companies to launch innovative products.

"Living in the Future" is the efficient use of energy, advanced materials, latest technologies and products for demanding users. Product innovation will be created through systematic networking of partners along the value chain „Living“. Perspectivally, the stakeholders of the UNIVERSAL HOME partners should be integrated through the structure of a "Universal Home Prototype" on the World Heritage Zollverein.